Clinton Vs Trump – Why Clinton Lost the Battle

How did the US Presidential campaign end in a loss for the woman that everyone thought would win?

Clintons public relations campaign was strong throughout the elections, however it was not without its errors.

In the below article, the writer explores exactly what went wrong for Clinton:



Clinton Vs Trump – PR Health Crisis

The 2016 Presidential Campaign did not come without its fair share of PR crisis management.

Clinton, in particular, suffered from a number of PR crisis’ during the campaign.

Firstly, Clinton’s health was questioned after she collapsed at a 9/11 memorial in New York City. It was confirmed that Clinton was suffering from pneumonia and had ignored health professionals advice to rest. Clintons honesty was also questioned as she did not immediately admit to suffering from the condition, instead blaming her evident cough on allergies.

This resulted in Americans questioning whether Clinton had both the physical and moral strength to be the next US President.

The following article looks at the crisis in depth:

Clinton Vs Trump – Clinton’s Celebrity Squad

When it comes to using influential figures as a PR tool – Hilary Clinton can be considered one of the masters.

Throughout her presidential campaign she gained the support of a huge number of respected, powerful politicians as well as some of the most popular celebrities in todays culture.

But why use such endorsements?

By gaining the support of these influential figures, Clinton was able to gain the support of their followers. This meant that she gained access to groups of people who may not have previously supported her campaign.

This article gives a breakdown of exactly who was voting for Clinton in the celebrity world:

Clinton Vs Trump – A Campaign to Remember

2016 has definitely been a year to remember in politics. First Brexit, then the surprise election of Donald Trump as the President of the USA.

The presidential campaign presented the world with two candidates that were both shrouded in questionable moral judgement. Clinton is continuously haunted by her email scandal whilst Trump was forced to answer to claims of sexual abuse during the campaign period.

Many Americans felt that their options of the two candidates were equally poor. However, both candidates were able to target segments of the American population that may not have previously engaged with politics.

Clinton cleverly used social media tools to target the younger generations. By using Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter she was able to connect to the audiences that viewed her as current. Celebrity endorsements cemented this image and only made Clinton look even more current and well respected amongst the influencers of the world.

Trump however was able to recruit the support of the disillusioned. He targeted the Americans that were fed up of “the system” and wanted someone in power that wasn’t a corrupt politician.

The below article breaks down the PR tactics used by both candidates, and makes for some very interesting reading!

What I Go To School For

So, I have a reputation amongst my friends are the nerd of the group. This is well evidenced as technically I haven’t left school since I was 4.

I love learning and I am not ashamed of it. Assignments and exams just don’t fill me with the same level of dread as most people.

Now before you label me as the biggest weirdo you have come across this week, let me explain.

I studied my undergraduate degree at Swansea University (English Lit) and I loved it. I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to go with my career but I knew that I loved reading and so it seemed like the obvious choice to me. There isn’t one part of that course that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy (ignoring that dodgy English language module in 1st year).

University was much more than just the course though. It opened my mind. I lived in a new place, I met new people, it was three years of my life that I can honestly say changed me in more ways than one.

Then I graduated (hello real world!) and something was missing for me. I enjoyed working, I liked being busy but my mind didn’t feel satisfied. I missed education. Within six months I started a professional certificate in Public Relations with the CIPR.

Towards the end of the certificate I applied to study a Foundation Degree in IT Management for Business with Cardiff Met and my love affair with education continued.

In March 2015 I finished the FD and I knew I needed my next fix. After seeing a postgraduate open evening coming up at the University of South Wales I decided to go and get some more info. I was also immediately sold on an MSc in Public Relations, and I started the course in February this year.

I can definitely feel a huge difference in studying at 26 and working compared to being an 18 year old full time student. I am much more focused, and due to my various life responsibilities I have had to learn to manage my time much more effectively. I also know what I want out of my career, which means that I am determined to get the most out of the MSc.

Lately I have started to think about why it is I love to be studying because, in all honestly, I am mentally happiest when I am focused on some form of learning. Control is definitely part of this love affair. Education is pretty straight forward, if you put the work in, you get the results. There aren’t many other things in life like that.

I also enjoy having set deadlines that have a measurable result at the end. In the working world this doesn’t happen in the same way, and although you might get told by one person that you did a good job, there is usually someone close by that doesn’t agree.

There is of course the general love of learning something knew. Expanding my mind and finding out about something that I didn’t previously know or understand.

Finally, I’ve met some of the most interesting, intelligent, like minded, nicest people on the courses that I have studied. They have all added to my learning experience massively and I have made some awesome friends along the way.

So my love of all things geeky probably isn’t going to end any time soon, along with my glorious collection of student loans. I will always encourage people to go further with their education and can guarantee that there is so much more to it than just a few letters after your name.